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Aniballs is now available on the Apple App Store, Amazon's App Store and Google Play (formerly the Android Marketplace). It was nearly a year in development but we learned so much about animals, global warming, and mobile development. We toured the nature reserve at Disney's Animal Kingdom, made friends with the zookeeper of one of the largest zoos in the nation, and we learned a brand new programming language.

Download the Aniballs Journal for more details on our adventure in game design.

Meet the Team

Connor Cowden

Connor is our Chief Gameplay Tester. He is responsible for testing Aniballs and reporting any bugs or problems he finds with the game. He also weighs in on level difficulty and whether or not a specific level is too easy or too hard.

He also did a fair amount of level design, specifically in the Rainforest environment and is never shy about giving his opinion on the artistic direction of the game.

When he's not testing Aniballs, or designing levels in Aniballs, he's usually designing levels in Halo Forge or a number of other Real Time Strategy (RTS) level editors. He is always willing to pass on game strategies to...pretty much anyone that will listen.

He is a whiz in math and science at school.

Danielle Cowden

Danielle is the Aniball's photographer and sanity check manager. She keeps us all in line and records our progress for all to see.

Much like Connor, she too is always very open about the artistic direction of the game and whether certain levels are too easy or too hard.

When she's not shooting us (with a camera)...she's busy studying for classes at the University of Texas in Arlington as she's wrapping up a degree in Photography.

Katie Cowden

Katie is our Chief Marketing Officer as well as our game and level designer. She was the one that originally came up with the initial idea of Aniballs, with her deep love of anything furry.

Katie has also spent many hours researching the "Feral Facts" that you see in the game.

When Katie isn't working on Aniballs or researching endangered species, you'll find her either playing games on her PC, or dancing at the dance studio.

She has a very deep love for cats of all shapes and sizes, and was a big reason that we continually search for ways that Aniballs can make a real difference in the world for endangered animals.

Todd Cowden

Todd is the Chief Creative Officer for the Aniballs project. He has a hand most pieces of the production process, from game design, to art design, to sound design and programming.

Todd has over ten years of experience in the games industry, from collectible card games (CCGs) like the Dragonball Z and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer CCG to online games for Star Wars Episode III, to his most recent game for Universal Pictures "The Lorax", "Truffula Shuffula". He's worked closely with individuals such as illusionist David Copperfield, and with brands such as LEGO, Microsoft, and Kraft.

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